Connections for Change Coaching offers both individual and group coaching for individuals seeking change. Connections Coaching service utilize strength and solution-focused techniques to improve your skills and connect you to your desired achievement or success. The four primary focus areas are:


Personal Enrichment

Organizational Development

Business Start-up

Recovery Support  


Coaching is available online and in-person with both evening and day hours available.  Additionally, we offer a variety of monthly membership plans.  Monthly membership can be a great way to try out coaching as a life enhancement and growth option without a long-term commitment.  Monthly memberships may be canceld at anytime.

Organizational Development Business Coaching


This focus area is for organizational development and business start-up.  What business have you wanted to start but either delayed and tried to convince yourself not to, but it will not go away?  Are you in your dream career or have you gotten off the path and seek assistance and accountability to achieve your goals?  Lets's talk schedule your free consultation today  

Recovery Coaching


Going into a treatment program and staying strong after completion are not easy challenges.  Here through Connections  Recovery Coaching, we offer the support to meet each challenge successfully.


Our Recovery Coaching service can provide both group and 1:1 support by either phone, internet, skype and in person.


Additionally, we can also create a specialized monthly recovery program for you.  Let's start with your consultation!  



Monthly Membership


Not sure you are ready for 1:1 coaching, but you want to get started? There is a plan for you.  Are you ready for coaching and want more than just 1:1 coaching?  YES, we have a plan for you too.  


The monthly membership will give you access to private members-only content, webinar, call-in hours, and discounts. The monthly plans give you the opportunity to choose the best membership package for you: what best fits your need(s), time, and budget.  


Continue your monthly membership for as long as you like, you are free to cancel at any time.  There is no contract or obligation to continue.

What is Connections for Change Coaching?


It is a process that addresses specific personal projects, business endeavors, issues of wellness and transitions in an individual's personal life, relationships or profession.  Together we examine what is going on right now, explore potential and current obstacles or challenges, and choose a course of action the fits your desired outcome.  

 Discover. Connect. Transform.


Is Life Coaching for you?


Coaching is an excellent avenue to:




Start a new journey

Begin a new project

Take a leap of faith

Have objective supportive accountability 

Explore your options

Explore your passions and purpose

Work on improving your relationships

At Connections for Change Coaching we offer coaching services in three focus areas:

Life, Business & Recovery

Life Coaching


This focus area is for personal discovery, wellness and relationship support specifically for individuals seeking change.   It will be an experience that is a combination of motivational, accountability partner, mastermind partner, guided risk, encourager.  


Together we will connect to new or delayed goals, passions, and dreams.  We will discover new possibilities and strengths and transform to wellness, the joy of achievement, acceptance, and success.  Do not delay life is a journey that goes on even if we procrastinate.  Choose instead to make life the journey that you create for your enjoyment and success and full of meaning.