The STRENGTH coaching program includes and utilizes the TotalSDI (Strength Deployment Inventory).  The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) is an assessment proven valid and reliable in practice and research.  The SDI is based on relationship awareness theory and positive strength-based psychology. 


The STRENGHT coaching program will help you to improve the relationships in your life while learning more about how you demonstrate your strengths and decrease “overdone” strengths.  Through the assessment, you will increase your self-awareness, awareness of others, interpersonal awareness, personal effectiveness, and interpersonal effectiveness. The program includes really effective, proven methods for utilizing the information learned to improve your outcomes, both personally and professionally.


The STRENGTH coaching program provides one-to-one coaching to review and coach you incorporating the findings in daily professional and personal lives.  Learn what are your strongest, "go-to strengths" and, what are your "overdone strengths".  Learn how to determine the needs of your partner, spouse, business colleagues and/or team.  Included in this coaching program are the following:



  • Strength Deployment Inventory and written report

  • Strengths Portrait and written report

  • Overdone Strengths Portrait and written report

  • Two 1:1 60 min. or Four 30 min. Coaching Debrief Sessions 




This program is highly effective for sales, and marketing, leadership, management, and team engagement and couples.  


"Live your Positive Possibilities".

STRENGTH Coaching Program